Teltonika Product Range Update

On April 6, 2016

We currently stock the following Teltonika products:-

The RUT500, RUT900, RUT950 and RUT955 routers are all supplied with DIN Rail Mounting Kit and UK mains power supply.


Teltonika RUT550 4G Router

On January 7, 2014

Teltonika have announced that they will start production of the RUT550 4G Router in May 2014.

Expected to be priced at around £300.00, the RUT550 will be very similar in form and function as the popular RUT500 3G Router, but simply using a new high speed LTE 4G module.

This means that for M2M users who require a reliable mobile broadband connection but with potentially higher download and upload speeds, the Teltonika RUT550 will provide a reliable and consistent upgrade patch for existing Teltonika customers.

Teltonika have also announced the lauch of the Teltonika RUT750 which is a weatherproof 4G router which can be mounted outdoors to provide a 4G wireless hotspot.


Teltonika RUT500 HSPA+ Router

On August 30, 2012

The RUT500 is part of the next generation of industrial grade, M2M HSPA+ 3G Routers from Teltonika, a leading manufacturer of 3G Routers including the popular RUT104 and RUT105 .  The Teltonika RUT500 is the latest in the 3G Router range and replaces both the RUT105 and RUT104 models and is packed with features and updates making this one of the best value M2M 3G routers available in the UK today.


RUT500Teltonika RUT500

Teltonika RUT500 M2M 3G Router


CLICK HERE for RUT500 Datasheet

The new RUT500 HSPA+ 3G Router provides additional wired LAN connectivity in the form of 3 x 10/100 Ethernet LAN ports and also includes a extra Ethernet WAN port for WAN connectivity so the RUT500 can be used as a failover 3G router.  The Teltonika RUT500 router also includes high speed N Wireless WiFi connectivity for wireless LAN connections.

Housed in a robust Aluminium casing with advanced keep alive features to ensure a reliable 3G connection, the teltonika RUT500 is an ideal choice for use as a 3G router to provide high speed mobile broadband connectivity for a range of M2M applications including 3G CCTV, Digital Signage, Wind Turbines and Solar installations to name but a few.

The RUT500 router uses embedded HSPA+ Modem technology to deliver high speed mobile broadband with download speeds up to 14.4Mbps and upload speeds up to 5.76Mbps.

Teltonika UK RUT500

The Teltonika RUT500 is supplied in a compact form and is housing in a robust aluminium casing to provide a robust 3G router solution for use in an industrial environment.

Teltonika RUT500 Front View

Teltonika RUT500 Front View

Teltonika RUT500 Rear View

Teltonika RUT500 Rear View

The RUT500 3G Router is supplied with 2 x Elbow Joint 3G GSM Antennas with SMA/M antenna connectors (primary and auxiliary)  and 1 x Elbow Joint WiFi Antenna with Reverse SMA antenna connector.

Also supplied with the RUT500 is a DIN Rail Mounting kit to enable the router to be conveniently located.

RUT500 DIN Rail Mounting Kit

The RUT500 router is pre-drilled by the manufacturer to enable the connection of the DIN Rail mounting kit to prevent any issues with warranty claims.  Ensure that when buying the Teltonika RUT500 routers and you need the DIN Rail mounting kit you ask for units that are pre-drilled by the manufacturer or your unit may not be covered by warranty.  Teltonika routers from the 3G Router Store in the UK are pre-drilled and supplied with a free of charge DIN Rail Mounting kit so there are no warranty issues.