Teltonika RUT500 New 3G Module supports up to 21Mbps

On March 27, 2013

We are pleased to announce that the new RUT500 UK 3G Router has been updated with a new high speed HSPA+ module offering 3.9G mobile connectivity with download speeds now up to 21Mbps.  This new version of the popular RUT500 also includes the upgraded hardware and new voltage range of 7-30VDC as well as the ability to provide power to the unit via one of the Ethernet Ports using basic POE connection.

These enhancements to the Teltonika RUT500 make this one of the best value M2M 3G routers available in the UK.

Teltonika RUT500

Teltonika RUT500 M2M 3G Router

The new 21Mbps RUT500 uses the leatest HSPA+ 3G module technology which offers quad band GSM and WCDMA (3G) connectivity with 3G/HSPA+ peak downlink speeds up to 21 Mbps and peak uplink speeds up to 5.76 Mbps.

Quad Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Quad Band WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100 MHz
RUT500 Powering OptionsThe RUT500 router can be powered from power socket (1) or over Ethernet port (applies only to the new hardware revision – not applicable to previous versions). Depending on your network architecture you can use LAN 3 (2) or WAN (3) Ethernet port to power the device.

RUT500 powering options

RUT500 can be powered from power socket and over Ethernet simultaneously. Power socket has higher priority meaning that the device will draw power from power socket as long as it is available.

When RUT500 is switching from one power source to the other it loses power for a fraction of the second and may reboot. The device will function correctly after the reboot.

Do not use LAN3 and WAN port for powering RUT500 simultaneously.

Use pins 4 and 5 of Ethernet port to supply posite voltage and connect pins 7 and 8 ground.

RUT500 POW Wiring Diagram

Though the device can be powered over Ethernet port it is not compliant with IEEE 802.3af-2003 standard. Powering RUT500 from IEEE 802.3af-2003 power supply

will damage the device as it is not rated for input voltages of PoE standard.

* – New hardware revision has

7 – 30VDC written on the device sticker while older revision has 9V – 1A


Configurable WAN Port

The Teltonika RUT500 is supplied as standard with 3 x 10/100 LAN Ethernet Ports and 1 x 10/100 WAN Ethernet Port, however for users that require a 3G router with 4 x LAN ports and no requirement for a WAN port then the RUT500 can be configured using SSH to change the WAN port into a fourth LAN port.  We will shortly have instructions available to show you how to do this but if you need information in the meantime please contact us.

The new improved Teltonika RUT500 3G router is already available from stock in the UK for next working day delivery – call the 3G router store on 0800 508 8366 to place your order.