Teltonika RUT500 3G Router – Now Only £70.00 each

On July 11, 2016

If you need a cheap 3G router for your M2M application then the Teltonika RUT500 3G Router with DIN Rail Mounting Kit could be just the item you are looking for.

With the new low price of just £70.00 + VAT each the Teltonika RUT500 provides excellent value for money.

Teltonika RUT500 Front View

The RUT500 has an embedded 3G module so you insert your 3G mobile broadband SIM card into the SIM slot which is accessed by removing the front plate where the antennas are connected and inserting your SIM card.  The RUT500 will work with any UK mobile broadband network SIM card as well as 3G Fixed IP SIM Cards.  Once you have inserted your SIM card you can replace the cover and connect your Cellular Antenna and WiFi Antenna.  The RUT500 3G Router is supplied as standard with 1 x elbow joint antenna for Mobile / Cellular reception and 1 x elbow joint WiFi antenna.  If you are using the RUT500 in a location with poor signal strength then you can use a different antenna which can be located nearby where there is a good mobile signal and deliver the signal along the length of antenna cable to the router.  A popular 3G antenna used with the RUT500 is the Fullband® FBO-4G Wall Mounted Omni-Directional Antenna which is supplied with 5m long cable with SMA Male connector to connect directly to the RUT500 antenna port.

The Teltonika RUT500 3G Router is also supplied with a CAT5e Patch Cable and a DIN Rail mounting kit and a UK mains power supply so you have everything you need to get connected.

The RUT500 router is an M2M router so includes things link ping reboot which is the method that these types of 3G router use to monitor the 3G internet connection and when the router gets disconnected by the mobile network the router can realise this and reboot and re-establish the connection.  3G routers like the Teltonika RUT500 need this ping reboot feature because 3G mobile broadband is an always available service and not an always on service which basically means that due to limited availability of services at mobile basestations, when new users request a 3G connection the network will drop existing connections so if you use a router without this ping reboot feature at a remote location and it gets disconnected by the mobile network then you will need to drive to site every time to manually reboot your router.

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